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MCS Mobile™

Why MCS Mobile?

With the widespread popularity of mobile devices and ever expanding networks, today's consumer has the ability to access a wealth of information from virtually anywhere.

Picture your clients driving around and wondering what may be for sale in the area. With MCS Mobile™, they could just go to your web site and with a few taps, search your listings inventory and easily locate properties, right on their mobile device!

MCS Mobile™ ... the perfect way to extend your marketing reach.

Here are some key features of MCS Mobile™

  • Your mobile site can be accessed simply by going to your own MCS Web Site on a mobile device (there is no need to use a different URL)
  • Because the mobile site is web-based, there is no need to download or install any specialized software
  • The mobile site is designed specifically for the smaller screen size of mobile devices
  • The mobile site can search and display the same listings inventory as you have on your primary MCS Web Site, including your Featured Properties and any IDX inventory. This can make thousands of listings available through your mobile site.
  • Using your mobile device's GPS, you can search properties that are nearby, within 2 km or within 5 km.
  • The mobile site displays property details, photos and maps.
  • You can customize your home page welcome message and add links to your social media profile pages.
  • By adding a "Mobile Site" to your lawn sign next to your web address, consumers will know they can get property information using their mobile device.
  • Your mobile site eliminates the need to get out of the car to scan a QR Code.
  • Unlike texting, there is no need for the consumer to compromise their privacy when using a mobile site.
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