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MCS Service Level 4

MCS Level 4 is for anyone looking for the best. It has the most features and the greatest flexibility.
If you are looking for a competitive advantage, then MCS Level 4 is for you!

Level 4 has all of the features of Level 1, 2 & 3, plus the following:

  • MCS Enhanced Display Systems
    • Hosted Video Content (where available)
    • Google Street View (where available)
    • Local Amenities (available on all listings, quickly locate schools, hospitals, etc.)
    • Walk Score (great way to see how easy it would be to "walk" to stores, parks, etc.)
    • Language Translation on all web site pages, including listings and feature sheets
  • MCS Business Directory™ (great for generating referrals)
  • MCS Blog™ (easy to use and integrated completely within your MCS Web Site)
  • MCS Publisher™ (create electronic newsletters complete with links to active listings)
  • MCS Lead Manager™ (Contact Manager, Message Templates, Notes, Reminders)
  • QR Code Generator (quickly create QR Codes for any URL)
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