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Why MCS Prospector?

One of the most often overlooked ways of securing new clients is to call people that live in a specific neighbourhood that you are already familiar with and see if they could benefit from your services. Prospecting on a regular basis will enhance your communications skills and increase your client base.

To gain the most benefit from your prospecting, you should prepare yourself with information before making any calls. This preparation should include knowing which specific streets you want to call, what the homes look like, who lives on the street, what phone numbers you want to call and if any of them are on the National Do Not Call List. It would also be useful to know if there are currently any homes for sale on the street and if any were sold over the past few years. As you can imagine, getting all of this information can take some time. That's where MCS Prospector comes in.

MCS Prospector will not only save you time, it will also increase your effectiveness. You will look forward to making more calls and be able to do so much more efficiently.

Here are some of the key features of MCS Prospector:

  • Residential directory for area codes 289, 416, 519, 647 & 905
  • Uses your company's DNCL subscription to verify who can be called
  • Integrates Google mapping to see aerial views of each neighbourhood
  • Red and Green icons on the map make it easy to see who can or can't be called
  • Lists of names, addresses and phone numbers can be printed
  • Each address can also be viewed using Google Street View to give you even more information
  • Where available, you can also see properties that are either "For Sale" or "Sold", with links to listing information
  • Plus, for those already on our Level 4 Service, there is full integration with MCS Lead Manager which includes:
    • Contact Manager
    • Notes & Reminders
    • E-Mail Message Templates

If you are already prospecting on a regular basis now, or just looking for a reason to get started, then you should look at MCS Prospector!

To find out more, call MCS today!

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