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MCS Personal Marketing Packages™

Why add a Personal Marketing Package?

The Real Estate industry is one of the most competitive industries in Canada. With literally thousands of agents competing for clients and more and more consumers surfing the web for information, making a strong first impression is absolutely essential if you want to be successful.

One thing you can count on is that your web site will be compared with the web sites of other agents. When this happens, you want your web site to make a strong first impression and be the one that's remembered as the most professional and the easiest to navigate.

This is where having an MCS Personal Marketing Package will make a difference!

There are dozens of styles all of which can be customized to compliment your own unique marketing.

Each MCS Personal Marketing Package consists of the following design elements:

  • Site Intro or splash page (available in either Flash or HTML)
  • Web Site Header (Graphic or Flash)
  • Form Header (Graphic)
  • Message Template Header (Graphic)
  • Mobile Site Header (Graphic)

Most Site Intro's include a series of high resolution photos to add an even more dramatic first impression. Choose from over 10 million stock photos and graphics! You can even change the images up to four times per year for no additional cost!

To find out more, call MCS today!

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