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Why MCS E-Mail Services?

An often overlooked element of marketing is your e-mail address.

An extremely easy and very effective way to further enhance your image and reinforce your brand is to have an e-mail address at your domain name (eg.

It looks more professional and provides the ultimate in e-mail flexibility as it is tied to your personal domain and can move anywhere you do.

In addition, you may also want to consider e-mail hosting. This allows you to store a copy of your e-mail messages on our servers and provides you with a means to access your e-mail from any location at any time via the Internet.

MCS provides the following E-Mail Services:

  • Personalized E-Mail Address ... Any incoming e-mail to this address will be automatically forwarded to whatever e-mail address you wish. One e-mail address is included when you subscribe to either MCS Level 3 or Level 4 Service.
  • E-Mail Hosting ... This allows you to temporarily store copies of your incoming e-mail messages on the MCS servers. With this service, you can also retrieve your e-mail messages via our Internet-based web mail system.
  • Outbound E-Mail ... This allows you to send e-mail messages using the MCS servers.
  • Device Set-Up ... This service will provide you with assistance in setting up e-mail on various devices.

You can subscribe to one or more of the above e-mail services.

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